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We look good together.

Your scars and my freckles,

Your recklessness and my caution.

Your smile is a symphony;

I wish I could put it on repeat.

It’s that feeling you get in your stomach

when a roller coaster drops,

or when you’re kissed

for the first time.

Your laugh is that wide-open expanse

of endless road just ready to be explored;

a wide-awake drive all night kind of road.

Or your favourite song playing on the radio

Right when you’re about to get out of the car.

So you stop,

and let it fill you with that joy and peace.

That silent serenity.

Your hands encompass mine completely;

fingers that wrap around my bird bone wrists.

A ship holding my thoughts at bay,

keeping them from drifting off

into turbulent seas

and cracking against the shore

of my stony mind.

And sometimes I hate myself so much

tomorrow is no longer a possibility.

And the light-switch of self love is thrown off

and I’m alone in the dark.

You remind me

that life can sometimes

not be an asshole.


I’ll ask you to hold me

when my thoughts war

and I break down faster than a car in a thunderstorm.

Because you feel like home;

and I can’t fathom leaving

longer than the space of seconds

it takes me to breathe.

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