Bringing Your Dreams to Life: The Importance of Fail-safes and Self-destructs

Sometimes even our most well-meaning dreams can drag us behind them through the dirt, our feet bound in the stirrups of our best intentions. Make sure you have a silver bullet to bring down the beast!

The world is full of dreamers. Many of them are powerful enough to encompass us all within their dreams — dreams that define the very prison of our reality. Others dream of taking tests naked and unprepared, or engaging in piggy-back races pairing older women with boys in swimsuits.

But most of us find ourselves somewhere in the middle. We bring our dreams to life in basements or secret laboratories, large hermetically sealed bottles, or high-tech magnetic force fields. Sometimes we learn to live with these dreams, demanding their fealty and ordering them to perform minor worldly tasks.

Other times, we die with these dreams devouring us (literally), or strangling us with their fleshy webbed paws, or running up such huge tabs at the local watering hole that we’re forced to leave town while pitchfork-wielding yokels pelt us with rocks.

The key to avoiding the latter of these two fates? Fail-safes and self-destructs.

As we create our dreams — not after! — we must build in the mechanisms to safely and humanely destroy them through remote means. We may not always need to exercise these options, but it’s always better to have something and not need it than to need it and not have it!

Today, there are many methods for creating these remote fail-safe mechanisms and building them into the earliest stages of our dream creations. Ancient sigils, once solely the property of certain mad Arabs and esoteric hermits are now widely available through the psychic darknets and Devilcoin communities. Arduino also provides many options for affixing these triggers if you’re from the modern DIY schools.

Remember, the bigger the dream, the bigger the challenges. Through dreaming, a colleague of mine was able to create a massive Kraken-like creature whose physical structure was an impossible affront to physics as we understand it — yet still it menaced the sea lanes near Antarctica until he was able to “pull the plug” by performing the series of rites he had pre-installed as a fail-safe self-destruct for that very eventuality. Through blood, fear, sweat, sulfur, mercury, salt, silver, and a whole lot chanting, he was able to safely destroy his dream and live to dream another day.

You should too! At Psychic High School, we’re training our students in these methods as early as 9th grade. We’ve found that through proper preparation, our students can dream as big as they like — and make sure nobody gets hurt, no matter what the outcome.

Dean Hammer

Dean Hammer is the Dean of Psychic High School. This article was originally published on LinkedIn.

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