Reducing fear and friction in the review process.

Repositioning, repurposing and ultimately rebuilding and replacing my Ghost blog with a Gatsby static site.

Then & Now

Front End Design Principle Rambles #1

Fluid widths — Pros & Cons


With all this effort spent building RunMaps, wouldn’t it be a shame to not share it with the world?

Colour scheming

Why drop Mapbox?

Yes, it’s a project from Hell, but who’s to blame?

A literal trainwreck to accompany the figurative trainwreck.

Hacking away at the Mapbox and Fitbit data APIs

The big idea 💡

Refactoring and enhancing an MVP

Applying filters to images and generating downloads with client-side Javascript

Duotone, in all its version 1 glory!

How Duotone images work

James Ford

Front-end, Javascript, React, Agile Software Engineer. Constantly tinkering with technology. Technical Lead @ comparethemarket

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