Worthy Of You!

Change is the only constant.

Anything that isn’t changing is considered to be dead or rather correctly say as lifeless..

Attachments to things and feeling hurt or dejected when things change is the real problem I see here.

Everything in this life is ment to come along and give you an experience. It may continue to remain in the way it is for a while but you need to remember that it’s only a matter of time before it changes or goes away altogether..

The secret is to be adaptable. To be able to buck up and mould yourself to be comfortable when something changes.. we may think we aren’t capable of adapting to changes but that’s not true. We have been changing involuntarily, to adapt to everything else. Long story cut short to a single word, Evolution.

Sometimes every small shift in life makes you feel that negativity. Another important phrase I think of here is “Be Positive”.

Even a change that was unexpected or rather very painful, like someone walking out of your life, it hurts. All those emotions, like vultures feeding on your flesh while you are alive and watching. You gotta force a positive thought amidst that emotional chaos. Thoughts like maybe I was ment to learn something / get stronger / straighten up life while that someone was there to make it happen. Now the purpose is served and it’s time to leave.

It easy said and done, but letting go of things and continuing to live a positive life is probably the most important trait a person can pick up..

Life teaches this trait too.. eventually..

Untill then, force yourself to lead a positive life.