“Illuminati” EXISTS or IS IT REAL ?

Illuminati exists . They are around the world and i can say that they have the world- they have economy, banks and politics. They want to do one global government , look to the European union- the European law is more important than polish low or Asian Law.

Because few year ago governments of European countries signed Traktat lizbonski ,which is something like European constitution. So they want to do a new world order( look at the dollar money and the fabric currency) , when you get dollar in your hand you will see that there is a picture of pyramid and new world order . There are number of Artists that is being said about this.

Tupac was signing about new world order.. Michael Jackson, Prince, Kanye West, Lady Gaga so many Artists. Prince talked about chemicals and geoengineering. There are 10% people which have got 80% of world in their hands. They've got wall street, money, banks, corporations. Do you heard about masonry? About Rockefeller and Rothschild?

They want to do a slavery system , economic slavery and it exists in Europe And in america too People are getting poorer , they work for very small money,they must have credits in banks to start living for they own bill Kanye west and jay z for about few last years shows that they promote new world order, in their texts,interviews ,they showed masonry signs.They are useful for the biggest and the richest families in the world because they brainwash people… i mean.. they music is … bad . They sign about money, sex , boobs and everything Because people who have the biggest power in this world don’t want a smart intelligent society. They want stupid people because stupid people are easier to manipulate
Manipulation is everywhere in Poland- when you open your TV or read newspaper.

people who have the biggest influence to the system are evil. They are bad . So i can say that this world (with all of beauty which comes from God ) are in hands of Satan. And look, Satan isn’t a small or big animal with horns etc.
It is a concept that Drives through down the system. The Negative way we called it in so many names.
Look at Kanye WEST, he had money, bitches ,cars all the material things,but there isn't spirituality. But More of them Say that Illuminati Is a Fraud. Believe or Not its your Own right. But Everyone is being watched in this Era. Technology Has driven more than expected.

Watch this New World Order Documentary and Feel Free to Comment about it.