Team Event: Climbing Babia Gora

Location: Poland (49°34′24″ N, 19°31′46″ E)
Elevation: 1,725 m (5,659 ft)

On our way from Krakow to the Babia Gora National Park
True IT. Goes on a field trip with his laptop
Getting there wasn't easy. There was an accident somewhere on Zakopianka, so we had to take a detour, which costed us an hour or so.
32°C in the woods — and it was just the beginning
First stop at the shelter house
We wouldn't have survived if it wasn't for Mykyta and his sweets and jellies.
And then came the “stairs”…
…and the roots…
…and then we just had to stop again for the scenery.
And again. Wonders of Poland.
The scenery was wonderful even from way below the peak. When we were done with our strength, we just had a look behind for some extra energy.
Rocks, poles, Poles and crosses.
If a nun and a bunch of kids could make it, we’re going to make it… right?
This won’t protect us from the sun. But at least it’s not going to rain.
The last stop before the top.
And we were finally there. At the top of Babia Gora.
We made it.
All of us.

Last photo is courtesy of Artur Cupial. All the other images were taken by me.

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