At the end of the day Trump supporters are more than willing to admit our candidates faults — if you’re a Hillary supporter I’m calling you out. What are her faults? Feel free to prove me wrong by listing them here. I know you won’t…
What is the main difference between people who support Hillary and those who support Trump?
Alexander Muse

Hillary is a hawk. She pushed Obama on Libya and he should have listened. She’s far too likely to invade some country she shouldn’t, W style, and that is an unfortunate flaw.

She follows that polls and it’s impossible to understand what she believes because she doesn’t say it. I believe the criticism is that she’s “not authentic.” That’s unfortunate. Is prefer a candidate with strong ideals and convictions who is not afraid to share them.

That said, she’s unlikely to nuke one of our allies because someone from that country tweeted a nasty thing at her. You can’t say the same for her opponent.

Trump is unfit to be president.

Regardless of what people think if Clinton as a person or a candidate, we lack any alternative choice. This is a one candidate race.

We agree she’s an extraordinarily weak one, but she’s our next president whether you support the incompetent, ignorant, unstable, race-baiting, Islamophobic, infidelity-prone, silver-spoon, 6x bankrupt, small business-defrauding, egomaniac or not.

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