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Nonsense. Trump is unstable and ignorant. Clinton is not. There are clear and substantive differences.

Saying I’m just as bad as Trump, or that Hillary is is silly. This equivocation is dangerous because once you believe other people are as bad as Trump, it make sense sense that you just vote for him.

Trump does say racist things. He is Islamophobic. He is ignorant. He has suggested that NATO isn’t important to geopolitical stability. He has suggested that preemptive use of nuclear weapons would be appropriate.

It is not demagoguery to say these things, nor to suggest that they make him unfit. It’s sound analysis.

There’s a serious problem in American politics where people like to say “well, they’re all bad, so I’ll vote for my bad guy” or “Trump criticized, you criticize, same same.” This is wrong thinking. There is still such a thing as facts, still right and wrong.

It is disappointing when your team loses, but time to look forward. Go win some Senate races & contain Hillary. Play for 2020. Make the party stronger. There’s plenty of work you could be doing you’ll be proud to tell your children about when they’re adults. Supporting Trump won’t be that work.

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