Are young men working?

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A few years ago I was speaking with a man who ran a summer internship program in the LA area. At the time I was working with a mentoring program for young men in high school.

He mentioned that he had 70 summer internships where youth could earn $3000 and a laptop. I think they’re up to 80 internships now. These paid internships were with all types of companies, large and small, in all types of fields.

He asked me a trick question.

Him: Out of 70 internships how many young men men do you think we have?

Me: ◔̯◔

Him: Three.

Me: What?

Him: Three guys, 67 girls.

Me: (•_•)

Me: ( •_•)

Me: (•_• )

Me: (•_•)

Him: I know.

That broke my heart. It still does to this day. I remember that conversation like it was yesterday. He said that the young guys are just not interested in working.

Years later I still see this, and it’s ripping my soul apart. I see young men everyday wasting their lives away. I’m not saying they need to be a slave to a job. I’m saying that I see young men doing nothing all day. Of course, this isn’t all of them but many of them. I speak on young men, because I have worked with thousands of young folks, and I can count on one hand the amount of lazy young women I’ve come across.

Sidenote: most of them were dating lazy young men.

Everyday I see more and more young men just being, existing, being alive but not living. I’ve tried for years to talk to some of them but it often falls on deaf ears. Every now and then I’ll meet someone who talks a good game, and sometimes they start off great but won’t maintain their drive. Other times I’ll speak to young men who say all the right things, but when the time comes to actually put in work they disappear.

I’ve literally had someone tell me that they were ready, at that moment, to take steps to landing a job. When I responded, “Great, let’s get on it. We can do this right now,” he literally started stuttering and gave me every excuse in the book as to why right then was a bad moment. I saw him almost everyday. He was homeless. His typical day consisted of hanging out, eating and playing video games. Six months later, nothing has changed.

At some point I have to move on. If he and other young men like him decide to get up, get out and get something, I’ll be there to help. Until then I have to focus on those willing to work for themselves. I don’t possess the vocabulary required to properly describe how happy I feel when I see young men actually handling business, and executing.

I still have faith, though. I just have to remember that the light bulbs turn on for different people at different times.

I just worry some never will.

-Part Time Adult

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