What “Millennials” Demand from Education
Erik P.M. Vermeulen

Yes the youth today certainly want to be engaged. But I also suspect that the older generation that employs new technology is also acquiring the millennial mind set and desire for engagement. As a child from the beginning of the Gen X group, I find technology a means to engaging my world but by engaging that technology I am also being molded by it.

Yes older generations tend to shun or even scoff at new ideas and technology but those who use that new technology and even come to embrace it are also themselves being pulled into that millennial mind set maybe not completely in the way of the generation that knows nothing else but certainly pulled.

The older generation also provides a bridge or an anchor to information and techniques that may seem foreign to the newer generation. However, in times when access to technology suddenly ceases or becomes limited such as recent weather or natural disaster related events this bridge or anchor can prove valuable.

I have seen where both the modern approaches and more traditional techniques can augment learning as we have more from older generations returning to school to develop careers or embrace new ones. As a member of an older generation a healthy set of skepticism is good.

Just because it is old does not mean it is wrong or bad nor is something new and modern good. Skepticism provides both the will to examine and the will to discern on which side something lies. However, experience provides the keys to understand; both generations can share those experiences so that those things that are best from each generation can be brought forward; while those that are not can be rejected.

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