Why It’s A Bad Idea To Throw Nokia 3310 Back Into The Market

Nokia 3310 to make a comeback

Nokia phones have been such a hit back in the day. With their candy bar shape and their physical keyboard, it’s kind of nostalgic to think about it now. Recently there have been news about their comeback in the market, with their first smartphone ever released. But what about the brick phones we love so much? Apparently, it will be back! It probably won’t survive long as it is, but how about as a business gift?

Newsbeat has reported these retro phones will make a comeback soon. There have been mixed comments about the Nokia 3310’s possible reboot, but according to Newsbeat, the phone will probably not survive in the market as it is. But how about as a gift? It’s durable, it’s cheap, it’s unique, it’s perfect! Certainly not as a sentimental gift but as a promotional gift, why not? It will certainly make an impact.

Corporate gifts are usually given in the form of a pen, a clock, a T-shirt, sometimes a watch even. But a phone? It’s certainly one of a kind alright. These phones are really durable, it’s got a long battery life, and it’s relatively cheap. All of which are the perfect requirement for a business gift.

Why a gift, you may ask? That will be because these phones are predicted to not survive the market. Who would even need one? Everyone doesn’t need snake, SMS, or phone calls anymore nowadays. They need a camera, internet, and social media. For example, imagine you’re a traveler. You are in a country you never visited before, say Madagascar. Do you need to see a map? You look at your smartphone. Do you need a companion? You look for them using your smartphone. There’s a great photo spot? Smartphone.

See? There’s no place in the market for a retro phone such as the Nokia 3310. Though it will be nice to have, it’s still not a necessity. There’s no need to actually buy a candy bar-shaped phone, except if you’re a collector that is. But as a promotional gift, the phone will certainly be remembered, and so will the company giving it out. Combined with its durability and actual usefulness, as a door gift, this phone will be remembered for a long time. It’s pretty luxurious for a promotional gift after all.

So we can confidently say, as just a phone with no new innovation, the Nokia 3310 will be a bad idea to throw into the market. Though as a corporate gift? It’s a perfect idea, I say. What do you think? Should this phone be given out as a business gift? Leave a comment below so we can discuss it further.

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