PTE Exam: Preparation Time, Things to Carry and Final Exam tips

PTE is evolving to be one of the best English proficiency tests at the moment. This examination is administered by the Pearson English group. It is gaining success in the field of all other proficiency tests which enables a student to take admission abroad. PTE examination ensures a good future for your career if you choose it.

So, here’s everything you need to know before you sit in the exam –

Preparation time:

If you are preparing with full dedication then it will take a month to prepare for the exam. If you are irregular then you should start preparing 4 months before the exam.

Things to carry:

To sit for PTE academic examination, you should carry your passport or any valid identity proof to the exam centre. Note that, the name on that document must be exactly similar to the filled information on Pearson’s website. Otherwise, you will not be able to attempt the test. It is advised to reach to the examination hall before 30 minutes of the exam for check in purpose.

Final Exam Tips:

Though to acquire a good score in PTE academic test is quite challenging but it is not impossible to crack it! Here are some final tips which you should keep in mind before you appear for this PTE examination.

1. You should always stay conscious:

You should be always conscious about the things you are doing and the thoughts you are having. Staying conscious helps you to stay focused and this would lead you to achieve all your goals. Once you are unconscious you tend to be distracted which leads to poor results. So you should stay focused when you are preparing and giving the examination.

2. Know exactly about this test:

Many of the candidates are unaware about the correct procedure of the PTE examination. Most of them don’t even know that it is a computerized examination where you are analyzed by a machine. So your handwriting or the mood of the examiner doesn’t affect your scores. You should be clear while speaking so that the computer understands your language and accent. Make sure you are aware that this examination consists of four modules namely, Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing.

3. Listen carefully:

Listen carefully and minutely to the words spoken on the audio. You should be able to note down the words without missing a single word. To master this skill, practice listening to speeches often so that during the test you can grasp the words easily.

4. Think before you write:

Do not write rubbish unnecessary. Think before you write. When you are writing, your content should have a grip to engage the reader. While solving this module write according to the topic and avoid writing out of context.

5. Read with full expressions:

Reading with proper expression can actually make a difference. Get into the habit of reading newspapers and magazines daily. This will eventually help you in acquiring a good score in this module.

6. Be Innovative:

Try to improve your language skills by using synonyms of general words. Use these innovative synonyms to improve your vocabulary and to bring a variety in your writing skills. This will increase both your vocabulary and your grammatical skills.

7. Grasp a hold on your English Language:

You might be of the opinion that you are very good in English grammar but it would take seconds to prove you wrong! You can only excel and have a full grip on grammar when you practice it regularly and polish your grammatical skills. You should acquire ample knowledge of the correct rules of English grammar. You should regularly practice them. Show your best grammatical skills while giving the test to score perfectly!

If you are a candidate of PTE examination then keep these things in mind while preparing for PTE. Book your pte voucher here and get discount!