Experimental Statistical Outcomes on Circle Theory: “Design thinking lessons from our cat”

As promised, I had a video opportunity window where I have conducted statistical experiments on the Cat Circle Theory {using real Cats & Dogs}.

Thank you to Thryn for original article:

I have conducted a “scientific statistical video investigation” into Thryn’s article “Design thinking lessons from our cat”

Sit in a circle: It’s a well-known fact that if you create some sort of circle on the ground, cats will sit in it. I’m not actually sure what this one is about but given everything we’ve discussed so far I’m certain there is a deeper meaning to unlock and it’s just going above our heads right now... If we put our collective minds together and apply some design thinking, we might figure this one out.”

Thorough scientific observations after thorough statistical analysis using four real-life volunteering pets:

  1. Fat-dim domestic cats eventually lay in Circles because its too much effort to try and ignore.
  2. Feral cats ‘trust no-one’ and will never lay in Circle; but scruffy dog just loves to sniff!
  3. Cujo the rescue Newfie bulldozes thru Circles sniffing his way to the cat food!

Video 1: Fat-Dim Cat eventually sits in circle:

Video 2: Feral Cat does not sit in circle [but scruffy dog sniffs]:

Video 3: Cujo rescue Newfie bulldozes thru Circle; only for cat’s food!

I will let you draw your own conclusions.

Catch you latter, I have real work to do now.


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