CLA Draft
Kristy Chee Yang

Your Name:____Pachia Thao_________________________

Videographer’s Name:_________Kristy Yang____________________________

Point: What is the “point” of this digital story? Try to capture it in one phrase or one sentence if you can.

I believe the point of your story is how Trio Upward Bound has changed you as a person and lead you to become the person you are today.

Dramatic Question: Is there a dramatic question? If so, what is it?

There wasn’t really a dramatic question, more like something of how Upward Bound has taught you your purpose.

Emotion: Were you, the viewer, emotionally engaged? When? How did that moment(s) make you feel?

The only emotion I felt was inspiration however I feel like you need to say more.

Voice: What were your impressions of the videographer’s voice? (consider rhythm, pacing, tone, etc.)

I feel like your voice needs to sound more confident and enthusiastic (:

Soundtrack: Describe the soundtrack. Was it appropriate for the story? Do you have other recommendations?

I love the soundtrack! It sounds motivating and reflective.

Economy: Describe the images that you saw. Was anything missing? Does anything need to be added (consider the assignment guidelines here as well)?

Your images told your story very well and you can see all the accomplishments you have achieved.

Pacing: Describe the pacing of the story; does it work in this instance? Do you think some sections need to breathe?

I feel like your pacing of your narrative is a bit slow and there’s too much long pauses. Again, I know this is the rough cut and I know you definitely have much more to say in depth about yourself for the final (; I can’t wait!

Additional comments:

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