Guide to being a better news consumer part 1: following the right people

Too often I hear friends complaining about the state of journalism and how the mainstream media is superficial, ratings-obsessed, etc. In response, I made a “Follow” list for friends who want better news sources on social media. I chose journalists specializing in different areas — international reporting, economics, politics, data and more. It’s down and dirty and certainly not definitive or a ranking of my choosing. Follow these people, their co-workers, and their media outlets. Let me know if there’s someone you recommend too.

Dena Takruri, host and producer at AJ+

Glenn Greenwald, co-founder The Intercept, Guardian columnist

Nate Silver, Editor in Chief at Five Thirty Eight

Wesley Lowery, Washington Post Reporter

Jorge Ramos, anchor/reporter at Univision and Fusion

Nicholas Kristof, NY Times Columnist

Natasha Lennard, Writer at Fusion and The Intercept

Jeremy Scahill, The Intercept co-founder

Mariana Atencio, Anchor and correspondent at Fusion and Univision

Manu Raju, Senior Political Reporter at CNN

Jake Tapper, CNN Anchor and Chief Washington Correspondent

Matt Taibbi, Author and Contributing Editor at Rolling Stone

Lee Glendinning, Editor at The Guardian US

Paul Krugman, Economist/Columnist at NY Times

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