“40 Things…” Supplement: LET’S FINISH THIS THING!!!

OK, I get it…I do! Some folks are getting tired of this Lent blog….maybe this whole Lenten experience!

It starts out strong…and quickly fades…and near the end…even those who made it pretty far begin to…fade.

Discipline Is Hard!

But let me tell you a little secret:

This Lenten commitment to blogging all these things….well, let’s just say…it’s not been the most fun I’ve ever had!

There have been plenty of days, when I was thinking…I just can’t do this today…..but you know what got me up out of bed early…pushing through?


I made a commitment to do this…and some of you have graciously and faithfully followed it.


The Big Brother Stats tell me though…that many of you have been feeling just like I’ve been feeling some mornings! I truly get it.

But….I pray it’s been good for you. Ultimately it’s been good for me. I’m glad we’ve come this far!!! You know, no matter how tired I am…each one of these feels good to write. It’s actually been very good for me from a writing perspective and a thought perspective. When I hit that publish button…I’m thankful. It’s good to be thankful!

Over and over, I marvel at how much more we could do with any one of these! God is deep and wide! We’re still swimming on the surface! And that tells me He’s not done with us yet! There’s more work to be done! There’s more “depth” He wants for us.

So, let’s keep pressing on….remember what Jesus said:

“But the one who endures to the end will be saved” — Matthew 24:13

This blog will not save you! But it can teach us something about endurance! There are times, events, seasons along the way of life that will tempt us to quit, to give up, to run away from the High Calling of God on our life. Maybe by discipling ourselves to be daily listening, thinking, contemplaing God’s plan and will for our life, IN those moments, we’ll be more attuned to His “still small voice”? That’s been the goal of this….I pray for the few who have endured with me…you’re seeing it…and reaching the mark!

I pray for you today…that the Joy of Jesus will be yours. Let’s keep going…the end is near! Amen

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