You didn’t put forth any real scenarios.
Eve Moran

Criticizing ESPN’s political slant is supporting bigotry against trans people?? You’ve gone completely off the rails… These in no way support his postings. You should reread that comic blog post, you seem unable to accept information that contradicts your assumptions.

Are girls unable to go to the bathroom without their fathers? That seems a bit sexist and ageist, but let’s imagine, for just a second, they are. Now, please answer the question. The answer is obvious, hence your refusal to address it. Also, what about co-ed locker rooms in middle and high schools. Do you support this or are you a bigot?

The medical journal was updated much more recently and yes it contradicts current PC dogma, hence it’s been attacked by know nothing zealots. This is the same group that uses physical violence to suppress speakers from speaking on campus. But honest question, when did Amazon reviews become a stronger basis for a definition than a widely published medical dictionary?