Takeaways from Saturday’s Patriot Prayer Fail
Alex Lash

Do you seriously believe that they faced no physical threat? The Asian American head of the group has repeatedly spoken explicitly against bigotry and supremacism in public and yet you still slur his group without a single piece of evidence. Why would another time doing so finally convince you? By your own words, those who think violence in response to speech is acceptable ‘have a point.’ If any of your fellow ideological travelers disagreed with whatever demonstration said, then violence would be expected. In fact, we’ve seen this violence play out around the country for over a year now with police providing little to no interference. You even point out a time where this specific individual faced a violent mob! The group was threatened not only by fringe outfits and individuals, but by politicians who declared the group was hateful and violence would break out if the event was held. Perhaps you have selective hearing about dog whistles.

Besides blaming the victim because her skirt was too short, you miss the takeaway as well. What happened in Berkley is what’s fueling Trump and the Republican party more broadly. You are deluded if you think it did anything to help the Democrats recapture the Rust Belt and bring back former Obama voters. Democrats might continue to dominate the urban centers by supporting violent anarchists, but it won’t help them win victories in broader America.

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