The Entire Trump-Russia Scandal (and What It All Means)
Matthew D. Allen

Flynn: Looks like he may have improperly reported payments. Spoke with ambassador as part of normal transition activity. Felony leaks were committed to catch him in a lie. No evidence of collusion

Manfort: Worked in seedy Eastern European politics. No evidence of collusion

Page: A nobody in the campaign, was wiretapped by Obama’s DOJ and no evidence of collusion found.

Sessions: Met with the Russian ambassador as part of his Senate duties. Apparently monitored by the Obama administration. No evidence of collusion.

Tillerson: Worked at world’s largest oil company and met with leaders all around the world. No evidence of collusion

Trump: Businessman who did business all over the world. Held a more positive stance towards Russia, much akin to Obama, which has since soured. No evidence of collusion.

Is that all there is to base this conspiracy on? Thin soup.

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