Herbert L. Klein

Here’s a hypothetical for you.

It is found that a specific tax loophole has been illegally used by a segment of rich businessmen, a majority of which are Trump’s most avid supporters. Trump writes an executive memorandum instructing the IRS to not prosecute these cases due to his authority as executive to employ ‘prosecutorial discretion.’ Is Trump hindering the ‘due administration of justice’?

Your standard for impeachment according to the evidence put forth is as follows.

1. Praise a foreign leader

2. Wrongly claim a moral equivalence

3. Disagree with intelligence agency assessments (such as WMD in Iraq)

4. Engage in normal transition talks with foreign officials

5. The partisan opposition imagines a possible charge

6. Be accused of destabilizing the world

7. Not make specific mention of Article 5 in a single speech.

8. Brag about financial connections at any time in their life

9. Have any ownership stake in a global business

10. Insult a foreign leader

11. Not uphold the opposition party’s policy priorities

12. Take a different approach to trade than the prior administration

13. Be accused of undermining the US position in the middle east

14. Be accused of undermining relations with a trading partner

15. Be accused of promoting hate

16. Support a more limited government

17. Attack the press in any way.

Where have you been for the last 8 years?

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