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‘“He’s banned Muslims from entering the United States. But what is his endgame here? What is he trying to distract us from?”’

He banned Muslims? When did this happen?!? Arguing for media literacy while repeating false claims kinda undercuts your central thesis.

In fact, your entire article seems to be comprised of very easily disproven statements and fallacies. Such as, conservatives ‘hold a disproportionately large amount of power’ so therefore no one who identifies as a conservative can be a victim. I suggest you take a look at the political environment on campus, conservatives are most certainly the minority. Your argument on false centrism is selectively applied. Doesn’t apply to the left, but applies to the right. The law of imperfect protests seems to ignore the very same behavior that the media treated the Tea Party to, and as I recall the levels of violence and crime in those protest was nothing close to the level of today’s Resist standards. I could go on, but if your aim was to make a compelling argument about understanding slant and bias in the media it fails. To do so would require a look at both sides, not perpetuating the very biases that already exist.

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