Hey, Parker!
Dani Nicole

I agree that protest alone is not sufficient to bring change and found your critique that in its current form the movement will not be effective at bringing change to be rather poignant. Using these marches as a starting point is exactly what needs to happen, but again your response descends into vague platitudes. What does ‘turning to journalism’ entail? Would watching Fox News or reading the WSJ constitute such a turn? ‘Understanding’ that we have more power means what exactly? What would an understanding provide that would cause change? Overturning ‘these laws’ is a bit more concrete, but how to do so and what laws? It seems to be putting the cart before the horse, because you need politicians in place who also wish to overturn these laws. The reason I asked about dismantling the system was because it seems that working within the political system is the best way to achieve this change. This would require political organization to arise from these protests, supporting politicians with specific platforms that garner wide acceptance from the movement. On that note, after reading your link it seems that your argument about dismantling the system is a metaphor for social change rather than a change in our democratic or capitalist system. Did I interpret that correctly? And if so, what specific changes to society are necessary?

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