Of course you don’t have any links proving your claim, because no peer-reviewed papers show…
Tom Ritchford

I spent $50 on dinner, you spent $5. Who had the better dinner? I spent $5,000 on a knee replacement, you spent $500. Who had the better replacement? Let’s not forget that price is always correlated with quality, or at least the perception thereof. It is not a bad thing that the US invests (aka spends) the most in healthcare. Healthcare is the most important field to longevity now that all basic needs are easily met. The US has the highest quality of care by a host of metrics, from cancer survival rates, innovations, and availability of care. These are not bad things. Is there an industry more regulated that healthcare? Maybe the financial sector, maybe. That’s not what any rational person would call ‘lightly-regulated.’

Continue repeating false platitudes if it helps, I did however link my source if you continued to read the chain. For the first time in over 20 years major metrics of health reversed upon the implementation of Obamacare.

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