Patrick Fogarty

I think I missed the part where ‘Treason!’ happened. I reviewed your ‘proof’ linked.

1. Russia hacked Podesta and the DNC, not the election

2. The dossier is a fake, as confirmed by James Comey during his testimony. They offered money for confirmation, they never paid.

3. The Ukraine party policy story has long ago been debunked. And further, there’s nothing undue about people with pro-Russian views making those views heard

4. Contacts are normal and expected. Sessions met with the AMBASSADOR in a public setting, scheduled by the White House. The server link was automated bots. Hysteria much?

5. The Democrats refuse to investigate the Clinton foundation is evidence of corruption? Aka, purely speculative

6. Hey look, an actual accusation of treason by US intel personnel, and you encourage it…

7. There is no evidence to support this theory and it was contradicted by testimony of the acting FBI director

The Russia collusion story was cooked up by Clinton supporter John Brennan and then pushed by the Clinton campaign to excuse their loss.