Hey Parker, appreciate your taking the time to respond.
Carter Roy

If your point is the existence of slavery, then why wouldn’t your diagnosis be consistent across all populations with some history of slavery, aka the entire world? What makes the ‘psychology in the American mindset’ unique? Racism is actually far more prevalent in other countries, so that can’t be it.

Death is bad. Why do we allow death? Bad accidents happen, that doesn’t mean we ‘allow’ them to. Though perhaps I misinterpreted your initial point, I assumed you were discussing differing views on the role of government in regulating the environment, though that seems fairly close to where you ended up… To your point re Monsanto, I’m curious if you actually understand what they do. Do you realize that their products allow less pesticide use and bring greater yields, allowing far cheaper food? Seems like a wonderful thing to me. Now imagined if I accused you of ‘not agreeing that everyone should be able to eat’ because you didn’t support Monsanto.

Regarding politics in the South, I would think it would be obvious if you read your own piece. ‘The Cause?’ ‘The Southern Slavery Paradox’ ‘Why This is a Problem’ ‘A holding onto the confederate flag.’ You specifically call out Southern politics and then blame them and Trump for a ‘rising tide of overt racism.’ Did I miss you pointing out the vast majority of racist acts occur in overwhelmingly liberal areas? No, instead you claimed ‘dehumanizing distain for anything “liberal”’ was part in parcel to that neurosis.

I specifically said that the change in migratory patterns does not prove anything in its own right. However, a ‘distain for anything liberal’ as you accuse the south of would seem to be paired with far less racism than actual ‘liberal’ politicians considering the trends. Perhaps the South is just as racist or more so but economic opportunities are better, or perhaps there is some other cause that causes the move in spite of racism. They moved out because of racism, why are they moving back in the face of this ‘rising tide.’ Or is your point that the blue states are more or just as racist as those in the South? You do not address it. Nor do you address the decline in hate crimes.

A fair bit of cognitive dissonance on guns, but that should be expected. It doesn’t matter all gun deaths are going down even though more guns are in circulation, I don’t like some gun deaths especially and this subset is increasing! I’d like to see some data on that point though. Do you have anything showing an increase in per capita mass murders? Also, are you willing to impose the same preconditions prior to the exercise of all other constitutionally protected rights?

A grand finish that I couldn’t have satirized better to prove my final point. Not only do your political opponents show ‘precisely the mindset’ of the ‘mental illness’ you are ‘talking about’, but facts don’t matter because these people wouldn’t change their mind anyways!