We respectively disagree on two of your conclusions.
Tony Basile

Insurance companies spent millions upon millions saturating the air waves in support of Obamacare. Obamacare requires all American citizens purchase their product under threat of penalty. If this repeal becomes law it is not an unambiguous win, there will be major losers in the industry who have been pushing to keep Obamacare. Do you not realize that major insurers are huge sponsors of the law? So yes, it is absurd to conclude they alone were the winners.

But you still don’t see a contradiction. Accepting your premise, if you spend millions on something that will never come into being, how is that a win? If it doesn’t become law then it is a complete loss. No change in their favor and millions spent on a fruitless venture. Are you really claiming a what amounts to millions spent on a moral victory is a win? Your conclusion of Obamacare remaining invalidates your claim that this is a win. You contort yourself to deny giving Trump a win, and it ends up as a contradiction.

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