The Privilege of Not Having to Care
Allie Long

‘It is the “white Christian men are the most persecuted group in America right now” type of people, and statements like that one are maybe things I shouldn’t dignify with a response — a response that’s often ineloquent because the claim is so outlandish. There are so many things I can say to the contrary, and they all end up coming out in a big, jumbled mess. It also doesn’t help that they don’t take people like me — still wet-behind-the-ear liberals — seriously. (Brainwashed from university, going through a rebellious phase, and all that jazz.)’

Channeling David Brooks or just unaware of the tone deafness? These ‘bigots’ are so ‘outlandish’ that ‘ I shouldn’t dignify them with a response.’ ‘It also doesn’t help that they don’t take me seriously!’ Gee, I wonder why?

To address your argument, while ignoring its fatally flawed premise, why would it be better to make partisan politics affect everyone rather than make such politics affect no one? In fact, I’d argue that it is precisely because politics has forced itself into the lives of so many during the Obama years, that more took action against him. Ironic considering your desired outcome. Instead, your argument looks to be, ‘look how badly politics affects these groups, we need to inflict that same pain onto other groups who don’t see it as an issue so they start caring.’ Politics is not everything, nor should it be.

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