First, this is what the law professors say:

‘ Just to preempt the only joke of a crime I’ve heard alleged, it’s not a campaign contribution.’

But hey, go ahead and believe that speech/information is a ‘thing of value.’ It’s an argument that every single campaign has broken the law. I don’t doubt some nutty partisans will try to make this claim, doesn’t mean it’s worth listening to.

‘Hacking the DNC is today’s equivalent of breaking and entering. If they knew this was, in any way, about to transpire, or who did it and why, then they are complicit in the crime’

I agree with you here, which was the point of my article. Hacking is a crime. If the Trump team knew the materials were hacked and coordinated their release they are indeed guilty of collusion. Still might be difficult to prove a crime though. This email chain/meeting does not even brush upon such topics.

You seem to be drinking the partisan Kool-Aid a bit too heavily. ‘A lot of what Trump does is blatantly illegal,’ but then don’t point out a single illegal action. All politicians lie. The biggest difference is that Trump is refreshingly honest in how brazenly he lies.

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