I was wrong about Trump voters
Michael Baharaeen

‘Moreover, part of what may have fed this resentment of a more diverse culture is a tendency in parts of the left to ridicule these voters as “backwards,” “uneducated,” or “privileged,” among a host of other epithets.’

I think you are on point here, but shouldn’t limit it only to ridicule. It is a backlash to identity politics at large. If it’s not an issue that 90% of the black vote goes to Democrats, then why should there be one if Republicans have a similar share of the white vote? Of course any lesson learned looks to be quickly forgotten when you declare these descriptors as apt. Equivalent to defending a racist calling black people criminals, claiming that his description ‘may be apt to some to degree.’ Democrats have created a political strategy that relies on demonizing men and whites, and in response, they’ve continued to lose share of those voting segments. It takes some gall to describe this shift as borne of racism.

You’re the devil!

Fuck you, I’m voting for the other guy!

You racist!

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