Perhaps your brand of conservatism — oh I’m sorry, libertarianism — isn’t bigoted, but I’ve heard…
Allie Long

Perhaps your brand of progressivism isn’t immoral! What a great way to start a conversation, I’m at a loss as to why people don’t take you seriously!

That’s the problem with speaking in meaningless platitudes. If your point is that government force is needed to change society in a manner you see fit, then your point is as I describe. You seek to use politics to disrupt the lives of others. However, if it is that certain government policies unduly harm specific groups, then identify the specific policy and agitate for change. From what I can tell, your piece is entirely the former. I didn’t read about a single ‘policy’ you’d like to change. By the tone of your response, my presumption looks to be 100% accurate, you just don’t like how its characterized. Using politics to interfere with others is viewed as ‘leveling the playing field’ when it’s what you want, but ‘harming others’ when you disagree with it.

Politics isn’t everything, and my point is that anyone should all be able to remove themselves from politics and not worry about the consequences. Your piece calls for the inverse.

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