Within the context of the conversation Harris is referring to his job never came up, as I said.
S Pinch

So you’re back to my original comment. There was no gun in context of the conversation, you just believe that Trump was always threatening Comey, no matter the context of the specific conversation. Furthermore, your chain of events is not supported by the outcome. If Trump was giving Comey a direct order and Comey violated the chain of command in disobeying it, where is the punishment for his violation? Is your claim that Comey illegally disregarded a direct and lawful order and Trump didn’t do anything about it? For that matter, when did Trump ever claim the Flynn perjury case as reason for the firing? He didn’t, so tying this to his firing is unfounded.

According to Comey, Trump aides did not have repeated contacts with Russian intelligence officials and Trump was never under investigation. All of these stories claim this in some regard, as do the other linked stories. They are incorrect if Comey is telling the truth.

When did Session ever state a disagreement with the memo? Clinton broke the law and Comey broke protocol in clearing her. These are not mutually exclusive, no matter how hard you believe. But you are correct in one regard, false insinuation is the crux of her argument and the reason why she was widely mocked by both the left and the right.

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