This is what you asked for: “Can you point to a single outlet that supported Schilling for those…
Eve Moran

Supporting a man does not equate to supporting bigotry, you realize that right? I think communism is one of the most immoral and invidious systems ever created, with ramifications far worse than individual bigotry. However, if someone was, in my view, wrongly fired for espousing communist views, my support for the target is not equivalent to support for communism. Do you see the difference? In fact your comparison makes clear that bigotry isn’t at issue, it is only divisive opinions.

Your dogmatic approach to language codes has shades of 1984. Past definitions must be scrubbed from the lexicon. Medical advances have little to do with basic definitions of words. Even your definitions allowed for gender to mean sex.

One final thing.

Person one: Imagine that you are old and you have more expensive healthcare.

Person two: Well I’m two hundred years old and dead so I don’t need healthcare and therefore your point is wrong.

Do you think the 2nd person’s response is idiotic? Now compare that to your behavior.

Speaking of language codes… If you’re going to police other’s speech you might want to be careful with your own. Is Gavin a teenage girl?

‘That doesn’t keep us safe. I have a lot of understanding for Gavin. The way we treat teenage girls is demeaning and awful.’