Thanks for responding.

‘That would be the timing of firing someone while they are in the middle of investigating your administration.’ Do you have evidence that they are investigating the administration? I’ve only seen the investigation linked to people not in the admin, Carter Page, Flynn, Manfort. By this standard ‘timing’ concerns could be risen if Trump fired him day one. That doesn’t sound like a ‘timing’ issue.

If he’s giving him a chance despite past behavior, and sees no change in that behavior, i.e. Comey’s testimony talking about an on-going investigation, then that past behavior is the reason. There’s no doubt Trump bungled the firing, He intended to fire him but first made sure the chain of command was on board.

Do you doubt the credibility of Andrew McCabe? The acting direct said there has been no interference in the investigation and it continues at pace. How exactly did Comey’s firing affect the credibility of the FBI?

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