The American Revolution is Today
Carter Roy

This is perhaps the most embattled president in history and you’re making him out as if he’s freely acting like a tyrant. Absurd. All the more telling that you couldn’t point to a single substantive action, just broad accusations of tyranny. From there the piece only devolves further. Southern slavery is the cause? In case you missed it, slavery ended in the 1860s’ and despite decades of Democrat politicians enforcing Jim Crow laws, equality under law is now guaranteed. After the great migration from the South to the north while southern politics were controlled by the Democrats, the South is now experiencing net immigration under Republican stewardship. This may not disprove your thesis, but you don’t even attempt to address it. Is hate crime rising? I heard there might have been a tick up last year, but by the DOJ’s measurements under Obama the last decade was downward sloping in violent hate crimes. Do you have evidence that this last decade of less than 1/1,000 was in excess of previous decades? Another issue is location. Do you have evidence that there are higher per capita incidents in the South rather than in big cities in liberal bastions such as California and New York? I’d be shocked if that were the case.

Instead, you engage in the very tribal ‘mental illness’ you claim to stand against. The ‘other tribe’ wants to poison children and doesn’t think you deserve to be well! Ya, that’s not an unhinged view of the opposing argument…

‘We can not see that increasing amounts of weapons are increasing homicides.’

I know it’s a waste of time at this point, but per capita ownership has been increasing for two decades while homicides have been on the decline.

Instead of arguing facts or even attempting to understand the opposing argument, you have decided that they just ‘want to own everyone else.’ They are slavers, they are lower than you. You are morally justified in hating them. You are what you hate, you ‘feed upon the notion that your value comes from despising someone lower than you.’

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