10 people to follow on Twitter on urban transportation

Those who know me know I love many things but two in particular: Twitter, and reading about transportation. Specifically urban transportation, and what is being done to improve safety and mobility, and in turn, improving the quality of life in cities. I’ve learned a lot from tweets on the topic, so I want to share some accounts I follow that I think are great. If you have have suggestions that aren’t on this list, please @ reply them to me on Twitter @ptraughber.

Here are 10 of my favorite accounts to follow on the topic of urban transportation:

  1. Laura J. Nelson (laura_nelson): Laura is a writer for the LA Times and covers transportation developments in LA, in particular their rail projects, bike share, and ridesharing.
  2. Gabe Klein (gabe_klein): Gabe is the former head of Chicago’s DOT, and former VP at ZipCar, and now advises cities (he also recently wrote a great book).
  3. Seleta Reynolds (seletajewel): Seleta was the head of San Francisco’s Livable Streets division before we lost her to Los Angeles, where she is now the General Manager of LADOT.
  4. Bridget Smith (LivableSts): Bridget is the Chief of Staff at LADOT. She was previously in San Francisco at SFMTA before moving to Los Angeles and joining Seleta at LADOT.
  5. Janette Sadik-Khan (JSadikKhan): Janette is a Principal at Bloomberg Associates and is a former NYC DOT Commissioner responsible for the huge growth in bike lane infrastructure and plazas in NYC since 2007. She also recently wrote a book which comes out next week and has great reviews.
  6. Eric Jaffe (e_jaffe): Eric is a writer for CityLab and edited the Future of Transportation Series. He recently joined Sidewalk Labs, an exciting new company (and Alphabet subsidiary) based in NYC and led by Dan Doctoroff, former CEO of Bloomberg, L.P. and Deputy Mayor in Mayor Bloomberg’s administration.
  7. Emily Castor (emilycastor): Emily is the Director of Transportation Policy at Lyft. She gave a great TED Talk about the sharing economy in 2014. She tweets about developments in the ridesharing industry and Lyft’s partnerships with cities.
  8. Eric Fischer (enf): Eric is a software developer and data artist at Mapbox. Eric makes fascinating data visualizations of cities (examples here and here) and performs his own pedestrian counts and publishes the data. He also finds, scans, and uploads old documents pertaining to cities and transportation planning.
  9. Arzu Tekir (wisealpha): Arzu is the Director of EMBARQ Turkey at the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. She frequently tweets about transportation developments in cities around the world. Arzu occasionally tweets in Turkish (and if you don’t speak Turkish, Twitter has a translation feature).
  10. Brent Toderian (BrentToderian): Brent is a city planner and former chief planner of Vancouver. He tweets about transportation and housing trends and opportunities in cities.

Here’s another list of great accounts to follow specifically in the San Francisco Bay Area:

Terra Curtis (terracurtis): Terra is an urban transportation planner at the consulting firm Nelson\Nygaard. She spent time at SFMTA and is cofounder of VeloMeter where she helped build a device for counting bicycle traffic in San Francisco.

Janice Li (erby): Janice is the Advocacy Director at the San Francisco Bike Coalition, and is one of the most knowledgable people I know about the status of transportation projects throughout the city.

Tim Papandreou (tpap_): Tim is the Director of the Office of Innovation at SFMTA and chairs the Vision Zero task force. He tweets about ridesharing, autonomous vehicles, and other technology developments in transportation.

Sunday Parker (sundaytakesbart): Sunday is an advocate for the disabled, and tweets about her experiences riding BART every day. Her tweets opened my eyes to how much the experience of riding BART as a disabled person needs to be improved.

Paul Supawanich (tweetsupa): Paul is a Director at Remix, a company building tools for cities to improve their transportation planning. He was previously at Nelson\Nygaard and SF County Transportation Authority.

Jennifer Wong (wongjennifer): Jennifer is a Transportation Planner at SFMTA. She tweets observations of new infrastructure in SF and other cities.

Andy Thornley (apthornley): Andy Thornley is a Senior Analyst at SFMTA in the Sustainable Streets Division. He was previously a Program Director at the San Francisco Bike Coalition, and is currently running for Supervisor in District 1. I first heard the term “sharrow” from Andy during a meeting in City Hall.

Amanda Eaken (aeken): Amanda is the Director of Transportation and Climate at the NRDC.

Kit Hodge (kithodge): Kit is the cofounder of Vie Bikes, and previously worked for the San Francisco Bike Coalition.

SFPD Traffic Safety (SFTrafficSafety): SFPD’s traffic safety account. SFPD is a partner in Vision Zero, which launched last year with the goal of eliminating traffic deaths in San Francisco.

Richard Masoner (cyclelicious): Richard maintains cyclelicio.us and tweets about the experiences of riding a bicycle in the Bay Area.

Janet Lafleur (ladyfleur): Janet’s tweets include experiences as a bike and Caltrain commuting citizen, and transportation developments on the SF Peninsula.

Burrito Justice (burritojustice): Burrito tweets about Muni, BART, maps, and San Francisco’s transportation history. And burritos.

If you know of some great accounts not listed here, please send them my way on Twitter. I’m always looking for interesting people to follow!

Raised in California. Berkeley grad. Product manager at Twitter.

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