What is Dialogic Organization Development? Part I
Paul Thoresen

Dialogic OD is known as ‘event change’. It touches on ‘emergent change’ although it is limited in its scope and process of ‘emergence’ within a ‘whole systems’ organizational context.

Patrick Trottier, The Emergent Group
Emergent Organizational Development and Change (EODC)®
Emergent Organizations®
Emergent Organizational Development®

EODC® can be simply understood as setting up the conditions within an organization so emergent change becomes apparent and influenced more fluidly, naturally and is viewed and experienced as a normal, continuous, real-time process.

EODC® develops organizations for the 21st Century.
Moving from Industrial Age Silos to the Interconnected Age of Emergent Organizations®.

Emergent change: “Emergent change is the shaping of continuous ‘forms’ by internal and external influencing patterns and determinates. That which emerges may be further shaped into further continually evolving patterns. Emergent change is universal, infinite, and the essence of creation.” (Patrick A. Trottier, 1995)


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