Are You Voting No On #MLS2STL? Make Sure You Are Doing It For The Right Reasons

Make sure you vote today where ever you are. St. Louis city voter? Make sure you are voting whatever way you feel for the right reasons.

Think a ‘NO’ vote on Prop 2 is really in the city’s best interest?

Read this from Demetrious Johnson, who grew up in the Darst-Webbe Housing Project →

Or you could read this from David Steward of World Wide Technology. He grew up in poverty in Chicago. The company he founded here in 1990 now brings in $9 billion a year and employs 4,000 people →

Think money should be spent fighting crime instead? Read why the St. Louis Police Officers Association endorses Props 1 & 2. →

Think St. Louis needs jobs instead? Read the Labor Council’s endorsements. →

Think this is a bad deal financially for St. Louis? Read what Patrick Rishe has to say. He’s the director of the Sports Business program at Washington University in St. Louis.

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