Are you feeling any pain in your body?

Have you taken a deep breathe in the last 5 minutes?

Does your jaw, neck, or stomach have a sensation of tightness?

Are you in opposition of something right now?

Do you fear something?

Are you grasping for something right now?

Do you feel discontent with something that happened in the past?

Are you hoping that something specific happens in the future?

What past events or ideas about your future do you use to define your identity?

How many thoughts are you having from moment to moment?

Did you request that a given thought appear? …

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Getting out of your personal prison

(This is a living document. I used Medium more like a public notepad for my thoughts. Articles are subject to being re-written and expanded as more information is added over time.)

Levels of Being an Impactful Person

Level 0: Focused on personal wants and needs. Ego-driven. “How do I become happy / successful / loved?” Follows a default script for life that has not been examined. Unlikely to feel whole, complete, happy.

Level 1: Has created own value system and uses it as a compass. Thinks about others / society / the world. Identifies opportunities to create measurable positive impacts “on the court” — things that meaningfully change life for other people and/or that change the cultural and physical environment. …

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🔥🏢 Well, you can!

Here’s the smartest way to start saving lives with donations.

After some quick research, I did the following. I should be giving more, but this was an easy first step in creating a strategy for giving.

I created a monthly donation of $300 ($3,600 / year) to GiveWell’s discretionary grant fund for the following reasons:
• Based on modeling, $3,600 is the average cost to avert a death with the work that Against Malaria Foundation is doing. For AMF’s upcoming project in DRC, it will cost roughly $2,000 to avert a death.
• GiveWell has expertise on assessing the effectiveness and financial needs of charities. I do not have that expertise and likely never will beat it on my own.
• GiveWell’s discretionary fund changes their allocations of funds based on ongoing analysis of cost-effectiveness and timely opportunities. (AMF currently receives the majority of discretionary grants as it has been found to be the top charity for 7 years) This is why I went with GiveWell rather than The Life You Can Save, which distributes funds evenly across their 22 top charities — not dynamically based on opportunity. …


Paul Van Slembrouck

My mission: Reduce suffering | Awaken people | Teach humans about being human | Donate money

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