Designer’s Take on Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe Screw Up

Some tragic thing happened at some point in the past day. I don’t know when exactly, I wasn’t paying attention. But I heard that Steve Harvey, who, by the way, has a great episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Jerry, became the victim of a stupidly made card from which he read the names of the winners.

Okay, I just returned from looking it up and… oh my, what a disaster. (See for yourself HERE.) That was about two minutes of Colombia tearfully thanking the crowd until Harvey returned reluctantly with head bowed.

Philippines was paralyzed with confusion for a while when the spotlight came back to her. I would have acted the same way.

And I really liked the comforting lower-back rub that the hostess gave to Colombia when she came to take the crown back. This was a fascinating sequence of events indeed.

Note that he’s holding the card with his right hand, which could have covered the winners name. Let’s get a closer look…

Wow, that was confusing! I’m guessing that he only saw the two names on the left side of the card. Once he saw “1st” next to “Colombia,” his terrible fate was sealed. If you think about the intense stage lighting, I would not be surprised at all if the small text on that card was very difficult to see.

Here’s my take on the card…

On second thought, I would have given him an iPad, because that would have been plenty bright.

Congrats to the ladies.

Editor’s Note: This article was updated after someone played the YouTube clip for the author and it was far worse than expected

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