Designers shouldn’t code. They should study business.
Joshua Taylor

Sir, I was surprised by your post because I am surrounded by designers who incorporate business objectives and organizational process into their design strategy, and they have been doing so for decades. It’s not a new idea. Many of the “designer types” I know are organizational consultants, design/strategy directors, educators, and various flavors of entrepreneur.

I get the impression that you have spent too much time with “graphic” or “UI” designers and need to instead find yourself some “UX”, “product”, or “business model” designers. There are many flavors of design, and you know this… you cannot make a blanket statement like “all designers should do X.”

What would you say to the 38 year old jewelry designer in Santa Fe, New Mexico? That she shouldn’t code? That she should read a book about financial modeling?

As a designer with a business degree, I agree with you that understanding business and finance is valuable. 10 years ago, an MBA was worth getting. Today? Probably a waste of time and money unless you want to make a *YUGE* career change.

Where I disagree with you: I ALSO CODE…

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