Here’s an excerpt from Eat, Knucklehead, the new cookbook forthcoming from Craig Griffin, Chicago painter and baseball coach, and Publishing Genius, an independent press based in Atlanta. Griffin’s cookbook is unique in that it’s also a novella, told in the form of letters from an unnamed father to his son, a recent college graduate. In this chapter, “Knuckle Sandwich” Dad gets macho and tells some pugilistic stories, and then offers some recipes to accompany them.

Knuckle Sandwich

Hey Knucklehead, it’s your old man.

So your mother showed me the picture you posted on the thing. Helluva shiner, ol’ boy. Did you really go to the emergency room for…

Writers and editors swear that a story lives and dies by its first sentence. At Publishing Genius Press, we think Madeline ffitch has the first sentence down to a science (a really fun science). Here are all her first sentences, in the order they appear in her new book, Valparaiso, Round the Horn. Check it out.

“Valparaiso, Round the Horn”

For every construction worker who is a man who pees next to the work area of a construction worker who is a woman and when the woman says “please don’t do that. Instead, why don’t you pee in the porta-pottie?” and the man says…

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