Cool Reader — The Cross Platform Android App Which Makes Reading A Joy In Any Platform

With the advent of eBook reading applications for both Android and iOS, the average book reader is spoilt for choice. Literally, there are thousands to choose from. Some going with the plain jane kind of layout, focusing only on the textual things, like FB Reader. However, some applications try to load in all the features of an eBook in them, and in turn become large in size. Best example Helicon, Foxit, Kindle and many. The application we are talking about today belongs to this group. We are referring to Cool Reader here, and we will have to say that it justifies its name by being pretty Cool to use. Let’s find out more about it.

What really makes Cool reader stand out is the ease with which you can read in it. The more you read in this application, the more you’ll be apprehensive about reading anywhere else. And the best part is it basically supports all the known formats in the world. Imagine this, you get all the features you want from Kindle within this lightweight application.

Features and Platforms of Cool Reader App Within Android

The cool reader becomes one of the most exciting reading apps because of the following features. With more and more updates going forward, one can always see more inclusions going in with Cool Reader. Now, as long as the device this app comes to is concerned, with decent enough configuration, you can always enjoy the best of reading in Android OS. Of course, just the reading features won’t cut it in the present day. Hence, below are some really Cool features of Cool Reader:

Operations within Cool Reader — What works?

Cool Reader is an open source eBook reader, XML/CSS-based, which runs on Windows, Linux and Android devices. Opening files can be a little awkward, because the program doesn’t use native Windows dialogues, or accept drag and drops — you must grind your way through its built-in file browser, instead. Cool Reader comes with a small size, but as it improves on the cache, we can see that the App size on the disk becomes rather big.

So, it is necessary to use the file explorer that comes with the eBook application. Locate your file and the situation improves. The book is automatically sized to fit the window; there’s a nice animated page-turning effect as you move through it; a separate table of contents and bookmark system make navigation easy.

Obviously, the initial things which might confuse you, become pretty easy if you are patient with the app initially. Once that is done, you will see that the app is super smooth to use. Designed by Vadim Lopatin, the app has secured a 4.5 out of 5 ratings and near to fifty million installations on the Play Store. Cool Reader app is a free download from the Google Play Store. However, there are in-app purchases to deliver privilege features whose cost ranges from $0.99 to $79.99.

Features Of Cool Reader In Making eBook Reading A Joy Affair

The main objective of Cool Reader Android app is to let a user read and access different formats of eBooks. The app provides a simple interface. As we mentioned earlier, Cool Reader comes to the fore with a minimalist idea about reading books. The user comes to experience simple reading ease, with a clear thought for eBook formats. The idea is to provide a clear, concise, hassle-free reading experience on the screen.

Cool Reader supports nearly all eBooks formats such as ePub (non-DRM), fb2, doc, txt, RTF, HTML, TCR, PDB, PRC, Mobi (non-DRM), XML formats. Additionally, its ability to enhance FB2 format support (styles, tables, footnotes) is remarkable. Also, It provides support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages and holds an incredible auto detection feature of TXT file encoding.

What’s so unique about this Cool Reader And Why Do You Need it

And as the review forays into the technical details of Cool Reader, we would like you to remember a thing we spoke about earlier. We said that this app is a Kindle alternative, with half its size and system sapping abilities. We actually have to see that as a major advantage in recent times, as we see presently that many apps do exactly the opposite. Now, with everything said and done, the best reason why you’d want this app in your mobile, is because of its lower system configuration.

It provides support to LitRes online bookstore, text to speech, hyphenation dictionaries, online catalog and much more which are not available with free applications.

The app has integration with multiple eBooks website to let a user narrow down the search of the desired book. Thus you are always in the know of the book at your fingertips.

Features and Characters Of Cool Reader

As we have already said Cool Reader is a lightweight and an all-purpose eBook reader, which brings the best of all eReaders. Below are some of its most exciting features, which will help you see why it is worth having,

Portable EBOOk Reading

Cool reader comes out with an innovation which brings reading to a whole new level. When you usually understand eBook reader, you have the idea to download, install and operate the application. However, in PC system, Cool Reader provides you with an effective option, of not installing the app at all. With Portable options with the Cool Reader, you can use it within any flash drives and make your eBook reading all the easier and effective.

Having said that, one will understand that you cannot operate with the advanced features of the eBook reader app, without installing it. This is what perhaps makes the Android and iOS version all the more exciting. In many ways, Cool Reader becomes your all in one solution for all things eBooks.

Multiple Modes For Different Usage Requirements

Of course, you have these options, in which the perfect reading can be advanced. When we look at the way we read, most of the eBook reading apps, Kindle, ePub rendering apps, Kobo, and more, give you Night Read modes. That’s kind of like the norm in today’s world. Cool Reader also supports the same and brings a certain ease to reading.

The different uses of Text to Speech are always within the user preferences. With Text to Speech and that too which works effectively in this app, you can save really good time in bringing content alive. The package also includes tools to help you browse online eBook catalogs, including Project Gutenberg and the Internet Archive, but these had some problems. We were able to view details of books, but not download or view them.

Textures and Customization Options For Cool Reader

When you look at it, Cool Reader under its minimal hood hides many useful profile settings which can be tweaked and tested for a different genre of books. That makes this app, more useful than the usual Kindle, Nook or Kobo which are world leaders in eBook readers. When you also experiment with different layouts, additionally, CR has several custom backgrounds built in, such as a ‘sand’ texture, a few different ‘paper’ textures.

Of course an option to have the background be a solid color of your choice. Also, the program uses a standard color mixer so you can pick from literally thousands of colours and hues and shades for backgrounds and for fonts. As if that wasn’t enough, it also allows you to use your own customized backgrounds, in the form of picture files, like jpg or bmp’s.

You are set to read your books in the way you like them to, with customization available for Fonts as well. That’s the specialty of Cool Reader. It allows you to bring your choices and preferences to the fore when you load up the app. It also allows you to store each of these options within the night or day profiles so you could have a day profile that has a 12pt font of bright green letters, and you could have a night profile with a 20pt font of dark orange letters.

Thus, Cool Reader makes for an excellent reading companion for all your eBook needs. Check it out on your Android, iOS or Windows platform right now.

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