Four Ways To Read Your eBooks On The Go Beyond Just The Usual Kindle Apps

You’ve got your travel plans on. You have your backpacks ready, and you want to explore all around. But the biggest problem is, you have to travel for hours and hours together. Plans in detail, but how can you kill time when you have nothing else to do. Of course, you can’t really talk to the strangers, cause well you wouldn’t want to base your mood with them. The best bet is to bring some books with you. They are the best companions you can have anywhere. Therefore, books make for the best things going forward. However, what will you do for the weight issues? Not the person’s weight issues. But the total luggage weight. We all know how expensive that could. So the baseline becomes you need books to come with you, and you need to do that without too much of weight. Since these apps are available on Android, you can easily load them up with no worries at all.

Google Play Books — By Google

This was an obvious entry into the list. The app, Google Play Books is the best eBooks reader out there with all the intuitive and nifty features you need for easy seamless reading. With a minimal interface, native support for Android OS, loads of night read features, and many more things, Google Play Books is an easy tool to use. The best thing about Google Play Books is that you can sync it to scan your Google Drive to load up all the books you wish to read. Once this is done, you can access basically every kind of eBooks from within your library.

  1. Google Play features include direct access to drive books and format support for PDF, ePUb, Doc and more. In the recent updates the app now also supports the Mobi format which usually was a Kindle exclusive format until recently.
  2. One hand operation, to read through with ease. You can also adjust your smartphone’s volume keys to turn the pages. This feature is useful to operate easily when you are holding a device which is more five inches.
  3. A dedicated bookstore with over a collection of 75 million eBooks. Say you don’t think you want to read the collection you loaded up in the device. What do you do? Go explore, download samples, and then, of course, purchase what you like. Also, there are thousands of free eBooks also available on Google Play Store. Stream them and read them.
  4. You can try out Comics and Manga as well in Play store.

EPUB Reader For Android/Web Platforms

In case you aren’t much of a fan of Google Play Books, you still have Epub Reader for Android. Now when you come to the actual act itself, what does Epub Reader offer to you, over and beyond the usual. Well, to start off with the basic difference, Epub Reader is not an App. That’s right. It isn’t an app. Imagine this. What if you want to read eBooks on your mobile, but you don’t have the free space to install the app at all. What do you do then? That’s where ePub reader extension for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox comes in handy. You get all the features of a decent eBook reader, but without the hassle of downloading and installing the app.

  1. Simple navigation buttons, with volume key turn, physical key support for Bluetooth keyboards, page flip on touch, etc. You can customise the way you turn the pages, and this brings a lot of ease in reading to an average user.
  2. Straight up support for ePub allows you to load up the books without worrying too much about compatibility issues. Most of the books load up easily and smoothly. However, you may see a rare lagging within load ups, when the cover pages are too complex.
  3. In any case, you will find that EPUB Reader never misses a beat when you load up the books. Except for stuttering sometimes, you can see the text of matters load up smoothly enough for a happy read.

EMS Epub Reader For Android/Chrome Web App

It’s easier to operate than Google Play books, and sleeker to look at when you compare it to the ePub reader above. When we say that, EMS Epub Reader is not too different when it comes to the comparison of readers. As with Epub reader, this app is also available on Google Chrome Web store. After all, this is one of the highly efficient eBook reading web apps. Practically, you can load your books into Chrome browser and start reading them with the help of this app. The web app comes with Ad inclusions and therefore it’s difficult for us to maintain a flow.

  1. A neat thing about this web app is that you can login into this through your Google account. Once you do that, you can also allow the app to sync and support Google Drive.
  2. You can import your library and start reading right away. If you don’t happen to have a separate playlist of books, you can still use the Upload option to bring up your books.
  3. Also with direct drive sync, you won’t have to repeat the process again. You need to give it access to edit, add, and delete books from your library.
  4. In this context, you may be interested to know that, Readium is one very similar app to EMS Epub Reader. You’ll see similar features within this app as well, and you can operate the same from Chrome Web store as well.

MagicScroll Ebook Reader

The first thing you will notice in MagicScroll is that it’s not very tidy. If you are looking for clean interfaces and ad-free reading, well then this isn’t for you. You will see that Magic Scroll has three or more adds as soon as you open up the library category. You really don’t want them, especially when your data pack is in roaming. That’s the flip side of using this app. But why are we suggesting this app then? The reason is simple. You can truly read really well in this app. MagicScroll offers easy navigation in these devices.

For traditional users, it is always a nice touch to include side way buttons and therefore these are present. You can again make your volume buttons to turn your pages or slide your fingers to turn the pages. Thus, you are not at loss there at all.

These were some apps which will come in handy for you when you travelling. In a couple of these, you don’t even have to install any apps. You can just pick your app and start reading from within the browser windows. Thus, happy travelling and more importantly happy reading like never before.

Originally published at on June 22, 2017.

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