If You Are A Book Lover, You Need To Have These Reading Apps Right Now.!

Let’s face it. Android for all intents and purposes has come atop iOS in the smartphone war. With almost a 70% raise in Android users, the prospect is a great future for the smartphone industry. There is an increasing spike in the smart device industry, and it you feel it in the air almost. The smartphone culture is all around us, in everything we do. Furthermore, Smartphone industry comes as a great platform for Apps too. The faster the smartphones sell, the higher the use of apps. Thus, there is a bigger chance of you using apps which help you do what you want. That brings us to the topic at hand. If you are a traditional book lover, chances are high that you’ve tried at least once the app which you read.

And that is what we are here to discuss the best you can have on your phone from either Play Store or iTunes. You might’ve heard of apps like Moon plus, Kindle, Helicon, Aldiko and more, which boast of high ratings. You download them, try them out. But what’s beyond them.,

Goodreads Apps For Android:

  1. Isn’t it cool to have your personal library of books? A library which tracks and records, all that you read, or wants to read.
  2. Well, worry not my friend, we have just the thing for you. Enter Goodreads. Goodreads, already a big hit in multiple platforms, came to Android and we couldn’t be happier.
  3. Of course, it doesn’t stop there, GoodReads app helps you connect with your friends via Facebook and Google, and see what they are reading and their list.
  4. Build a collaborative playlist of books, wishlist of authors and follows and more. Suffice it to say, GoodReads is the Facebook of book lovers.
  5. One of the coolest features is the bar-code scanner, letting users scan in books that they have found (likely in a bookstore or library) and add them to their “to-read” shelf.
  6. Better yet, Goodreads has a feature that’ll help you better decide whether you’ll like a book or not before you buy it.
  7. GoodReads remembers your preferences and brings only the best to the show. You access a repository of 35 million people with their multitude of books amounting to almost 1 billion books.
  8. Also, add status updates and page number updates for books you are currently reading. Finally, See book reviews and updates from your friends.

Google Play Books:

  1. With Google Play Books, you can choose from than a million titles to start reading. You can also read books offline and the app offers a nighttime reading option.
  2. With minimalist styling and focus colours, you can do much without getting confused. A neat bookshelf, ability to upload your own books, and bring awesomeness to the fore, you have all the makings of a great reader.
  3. Well, to put it bluntly, it somehow under performs in space requirements, interfaces styling and ease of arranging books. While Google Play Books’ interface is unquestionably clean and easy to navigate, it could use a bit more visual style.
  4. As it is now, the app feels sterile, with the book carousel sitting on top of a flat, dark grey backdrop.
  5. The flow of Google Play Books is simple and intuitive. Once you purchase and download a book on Google Play, it automatically shows up in your Books app everywhere.
  6. To flip through a book, you can either use the scrubber bar at the bottom of the screen or the interactive table of contents via the button at the top.

Free Books For Android and iOS:

  1. Many books you know. Many books you’ve missed. And when you install your app, the first thing you see is 23,469 classics to go.
  2. That should tell you what this app is all about. From classic books to author collections, to modern day bestsellers, everything that is worth a read is here.
  3. For anyone looking to bring in books without affecting their wallet too much, this is an ideal bet. Of course, it will be a long time before you run out of anything to read on the website.
  4. Free Books by Classicly unlocks a world of public domain content, allowing you to acquire the great books of human history. .
  5. It’s all here, along with tens of thousands of other literature. Read with no limits for free! 23,469 of the greatest books in human history, accessible with the tap of your finger. Free. Audio books. Bonus.
  6. Want to listen on the go? As a one time in-app purchase you can get access to 4,727 audiobooks with unlimited downloads. Listen to all your favourite classic ebooks with easy to use Audiobook player.

Audible AudioBook Apps For Android and iOS:

  1. Who will read the books, when you can plug in earphones, and listen to them. That’s the basic idea behind the working of Audible.
  2. Audible which is now a division of Amazon goes to the next step of books provision. So, the next time you go online to buy a book on Amazon, you also get an option of selecting an audio book.
  3. Once you buy the audio book, with whisper sync on, you will receive your book into your device, instantly. If you have an Audible account already, you can use it to attach your Amazon account with it.
  4. In addition to just downloading Audiobooks on your Kindle devices, you can use Audible to stream content as well.
  5. You may use Kindle (including Kindle Fire HD) to listen to genres specific channels as well. Therefore, you can go through fantasy, family favourites, children classics, and celebrity narrated books.
  6. You can carry them as eBooks in your Kindle and listen to them, without getting distracted by others. Additionally, you can be less occupied by listening to eBooks.
  7. Hence, you can learn the nuances of pronunciation while listening to them. Therefore, Audio books are the way to go.

IBOOKS Exclusively For Apple Devices:

  1. Well, this is what we have. Although not many people give the credit where it is due, iBooks is a pretty decent eBook reader.
  2. And that’s exactly what we want in an eBook reader. With multiple book format support, the lean and clean interface of iBooks for a reading pleasure.
  3. Perhaps, the best thing about iBooks is its inbuilt library of books which helps you pick the best works. Now that gives you all the more reasons to go on using iBooks.
  4. It connects to the iBookstore where you can purchase ebooks to download and read in a matter of seconds, as long as you are willing to be locked into Apple’s new ebook DRM, where you cannot view purchased books on anything but an iPad, iPhone, and iPod.
  5. To get books, firstly, you will have to copy your eBooks into your system, and then via iTunes have to import it into the device. Also, you cannot directly download DRM-free ePub files into the device from the Safari browser.

Epic! Exclusively For Children:

  1. Parents need to know that Epic! — Unlimited Books for Kids is a subscription-based ebook service for kids age 2–12. Kids and parents can choose from more than 15,000 books, and they can read the books or watch videos online or offline, on the Web, or on mobile devices.
  2. Many selections are by well-known authors or from major publishers, and the collection includes 500 Spanish/English bilingual books. Books can be searched for by subject, genre, and age, and some are audio or read-to-me versions.
  3. On a Reading Stats page, time spent reading, a number of pages flipped, and books read are tracked, and kids can earn badges and rewards based on certain milestones. There’s also a community section where kids can share opinions on books (there’s no chatting or cross-commenting), but you can opt in or out.
  4. This app brings a virtual library of books to your kids’ fingertips. With visually beautifully graphic novels, text-heavy chapter books, read-to-me picture books, and longer audio books, there are thousands of titles for kids age 2 to 12, with more titles added weekly.
  5. If your kid is already an avid reader, there may be some favourite book series or authors they won’t find here; no app can cover them all. But the variety available on this so-called “Netflix for kids’ books” paid subscription service is impressive.
  6. One downside: If kids feel pressure by being tracked on time it takes to read, or it takes them longer to read a text than the estimated reading time, encourage them to skip that information page.
  7. Though it does cost $5 per month to use, the first month is free, and membership requires no ongoing commitment. Plus, the app supports up to four child profiles per account — meaning families with multiple kids can get each child involved.

Amazon Kindle Apps — The Final Frontier In Ebook Reading:

  1. Though once upon a time the Kindle was solely a device, Amazon has expanded its popular product into what’s essentially a sub-brand.
  2. The app is extremely user-friendly and offers a tonne of unique and helpful in-app reading tools, like highlighting, customizable font size and style, dictionary definitions, and more.
  3. Plus, it seamlessly synchronises across devices. The only major downside to this app is that you have to purchase books separately.
  4. The Kindle application for Android is not just for books. Before purchasing a book, it’s possible to read the first chapter for free as a sample to see if you’re going to like it.
  5. As well as purchasing books, magazines and newspapers, there is a lot of free content available through the Kindle store.
  6. If you’re purchasing books, it’s easy to browse popular lists, such as the New York Times Bestsellers list.

These are picks for the season. Do you think we could have covered more? Don’t forget to drop in your suggestions right away. Hope these apps serve you well in your reading.

Originally published at pubgen.com on May 1, 2017.