The Most Highly Interactive eBook Android Apps for Children

Let’s be most practical here. We live in a world of Android systems. Yes, iOS people will shout aloud now, but hey, a higher majority of people are using Android systems. And I’m not claiming this out of thin air. Studies show that more than 70% of smartphone users use Android systems as compared to a meagre 21% of them using iOS. But why are we fuelling a mobile war here? Truce and Peace, we are here to discuss the reach and support of Android apps over the ages. And more specifically EBook Android Apps for Children as the title suggests. Your kids will jump for joy with these apps and more importantly have them learn some greater things in life.

We always have the discussion about how eBooks are changing the way we read and publish books. See that’s the thing right, they have but are we watching their effects in day to day life. Sure, novels in digital format show us many possibilities, but they have yet to affect the way we live. In recent times, however, we see a paradigm shift in the way we use eBooks in academic means. So, we have eBooks made by Android enterprises like Byju’s or Khan Academy. Then there are apps which are utilising the power of eBooks to bring translation works to fingertips. Yes, we are talking about apps like Duolingo or Google Translate, etc. We are using knowledge engines all over to enhance how we use information. Everything said and done, weren’t books supposed to be universal. Remember how our Granny used to tell us to read books and stories. That’s what we lost in developing technology. Making our technology useful for children.

Android Apps For Children That Help Their Childhood

  1. For starters, let’s shun away the thought that Android is not for kids. Any tech that we use is eventually for the betterment of our future generations. And don’t you think we ought to give them something regarding participation?
  2. They need to know what technology is all about from the early age and grow along with it. And no, we aren’t talking about gaming apps like Fruit Ninja, Clash of Clans, or Angry Birds, etc.
  3. Chances are they are already mastering it as we speak. We are pointing at educational and academic apps which make them smarter and more aware of things. The double-edged weapon you know.
  4. As with any other thing really, you got to see your kids use the apps correctly. A few Apps which hit it out of the park are KidsPlace (lessons and verses), Famigo (App control), YouTube (Kids version) and much more.
  5. But how do we use tech to propel a greater sense of reading within toddlers and children? The first step buys them a tablet (smartphones really won’t work here). Then, Load up eBook reading apps like Kindle and Moon+ and in them load up children books.
  6. Alternatively, you can introduce them to the wonderful world of comic books via apps like Comixology, Marvel Novels or DC comics. Thus, you are bringing them to a world of fun-filled content and making them enjoy the wonderful world of literature.

The best Android apps for toddlers and children alike

  1. If you have ever read books to toddlers, you know there’s something special about seeing them enjoy the story. The more they enjoy it, and it becomes a bit of a reading loop until they suddenly move on to newer stories.
  2. You can notice that there’s a certain age where books with lift-up flaps, textures, things that move and instructions for the reader often become favourites among toddlers. That’s how they grow no? They learn, and they prosper.
  3. In fact, interactivity is often a great learning tool. This is because the act of getting involved helps you to remember things. So, stick an interactive book in front of a kid, and you will teach them quickly and find that they love the book.
  4. If it’s also free, gorgeous, and full of great lessons, there’s nothing to lose. Install the following great eBook apps for an incredibly memorable experience.

The Apps And Android ebooks We Highly recommend For high interactivity

The Icky Mr.Fox — (Android)

“When Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Mole decided to have their afternoon tea, they couldn’t have imagined that the Icky Mr. Fox was plotting to ruin their day. Unfortunately for Icky Mr. Fox, things don’t always go as planned. To promote learning and reading in young children, the book is full of “tippy-tippy” objects which when tapped show the object’s name as words and sound.” That’s how the official description of this highly interactive playful app goes by on the apps store. And let us tell you, it surely delivers on its promise. You can use the app with most Android devices if they have the latest version of Adobe Air. That shouldn’t be a problem with newer devices, as it comes pre-loaded with it.

  1. The visual quality is the most standout element in The Icky Mr. Fox. The impressive drawings mean the characters are both recognizable and charming, and the well-spoken narrator helps take control of the story — perfect if you need something to distract your child for five minutes.
  2. As far as interactive kids’ books go this probably isn’t the best one available, but it’s free and has so much quality crammed in there that you would do well to download it.
  3. The only drawback (more of a limitation) is that the apps end more quickly as you just start to enjoy it. Overall, you can take a call that Icky eBook is pretty to the lookout and highly entertaining. But there are more fabulous options which will give you more.

Even monsters get sick (Android)

If you are a parent of curious kids around the house, you will find this app exciting. Do you have to calm down your toddler, or make them sit down for a while and have them learn as they play, this app is your go? Even Monster Get Sick, is wonderfully interactive eBook app which revolves around Harry, a cute little monster who is out to find purpose in life. Of course, the monster gets better after some TLC, and they have a great time together.

  1. It’s a relatable story, especially for kids who are feeling under the weather. There are lots of interactive features and activities that are innovative and relevant to the story. A good enough story which seeks to find other monsters in the neighborhood and helps you find new narratives.
  2. This app has beautiful artwork with animations and activities on every page of the story, plus six small games the kids can play along with the way. The games are very much a part of the plot, so the kids get to feel they’re helping.
  3. Your child can easily read the story by themselves, or in that regard even by professional child voice actor. So, you have here the perfect combo of eBooks reading, interactivity, participative offer, and narrative skills. You have everything going for it, and with constant updates, the app gives you various new features to consume content.
  4. While the interactive features do not focus on building vocabulary or reading skills, they have a functional purpose (like scrolling the page to make the wagon keep moving), keeping the focus on the story. With the right mix of humour and knowledge, you never get bored with the app.

Meet Heckerty — A New Age Android eBook Learning

The makers of this app claim that your kids will find a new best friend when they Meet Heckerty. You load it and see the magical bond form by the kid and the fictional character Heckerty. Weirdly, this guy Heckerty is a 405-year-old green-faced witch, weird and fun and full of facts all around. An Editor’s Choice by Children’s Technology Review, “Recommended by Educators” on Google Play for Education, awarded 4 Stars by, Shorty Awards finalist, a Mashable Kids Pick and proclaimed a “must have” by The Unofficial Apple Weblog, Heckerty delivers!

  1. The superb narration and enchanting animations are ideal for children 3–8 years old, as well as anyone learning English. Heckerty and her pet cat, Zanzibar, take up a story-line that is equal parts fun and informational.
  2. The interactive versions of Meet Heckerty come from the factor of family things. The family-wise interaction which decides how and why the character acts up in the face of different situations.
  3. The spells are good things for children to remember, and activities which make them use these spells is a great way of learning and interactivity. Families can decide the role of Heckerty in the bigger picture.
  4. Families can talk about Heckerty’s decision not to look for her spell book and say the spell from memory and compare it to times they may take shortcuts.
  5. Beyond this, there are many other options which allow for parents and children to interact together and explore the story. Talk about Heckerty’s face and whether being green changed who she is. Ask kids if they would be Heckerty’s friend.

Nighty Night — Bedtime Stories (Android/iOS)

Loved by critics and users alike, Nighty Nighty is your go-to app for getting your kids enjoy reading more. The only thing that you might worry about here is that the awesome feature loaded app is practically available only for iOS. And if you are not sold yet, you might find this statement useful. Nighty was awarded The App of The Year by Apple Inc. The visually stunning app comes with incredible sounds and music elements, which makes your child experience even more involving and engaging.

  1. You don’t have to worry about putting your kid’s sleep anymore. Hand them an iPad, load up this app, and have them happily listen to all the wonderful stories it offers. As part of your bedtime routine, get your toddler to read this story as one of the books for the evening.
  2. This adorable story takes you to meet lots of animals, and the reader must put each and every one of them to bed. By the end of the story, your toddler should have gotten the message that we all go to sleep at the end of the day. If you’re lucky, they’ll follow suit.
  3. The pictures and soundtracks are highly soothing; this is a wonderful addition to the forte. But before you jump into the iOS store and download it, let us tell you that the app is hefty in its make. Obviously, all the wonderful elements come at a cost, in here at a bulky size of 130 MB.
  4. Created by Oscar-nominated animator Heidi Wittlinger, this lovely book puts kids in charge of settling down the farm animals for the night. When you turn off the light at each location, the animal goes to sleep (and can’t be awakened, a good lesson for young kids at this age).
  5. Actor Alistair Findlay’s melodious voice offers a perfect narration to this simple but charming story. Toddlers and children will clearly look forward to snuggling up with you to put their favorite animals to sleep before retiring themselves. By helping the animals wind down and go to sleep, kids also learn that settling in is part of their bedtime ritual.

Soft and The MoonMachine Android App

  1. Sofus and the Moonmachine is an adventurous storybook app that takes readers through a magnificent and interactive journey through space. Fun to read and highly interactive, this app is great for children of all ages. The involving story is sure to thrill your kids and makes for a great read obviously, but what adds to the thing is the way in which it is told.
  2. There’s never a dull moment when your kids have the Sofus eBook app. When we look at how it works, we can see that beautiful illustration, melodious and sensible narrative run; the result is extremely good.
  3. The prime features which we have in Sofas and Moonmachine are Narration options, Interactive image, Gorgeous Illustrations, and more importantly Rhyming anecdotes. In addition to enjoying three chapters of adventurous space story written in rhythmic verses, you also have plenty of activities, which you can play around with interactive illustrations that help to bring the story to life.
  4. With animations, narration options, and a few fun space games throughout the story, this app offers loads of entertainment and adventure that children of all ages will love. But is it going to bore a hole in your wallet? It will not work obviously.
  5. You can buy up the app in under four dollars for a lifetime. While it may be a little more than parents are used to paying for a storybook app, it is worth every penny. This prize-winning Application in iOS is Surely worth a decent checkout.

Leviatopia Storybook App For Children

Similar to the above storybook apps, even this app revolves around a single story. Of course, it offers activities, interactive games and much more, while telling a compelling story. Leviatopia tells the story of two children, Ella and Alex, who discover a city that has been swallowed by a whale. They get lost in the city, which is full of magical characters and plenty of sweets until they use a spell to get themselves back home. Was it all a dream or did it happen for real? Despite some quality issues, this is an animated story worth sharing with kids.

  1. The features of this app include — Read to Me feature (which comes with soothing narratives) and Read to Myself (which allows you to read along). Also, the whole eBooks will be available in English and Hebrew languages as well.
  2. Audio narrations and Animated illustrations and much more come happily into it. Making the whole reading experience magical and truly incredible is the prime objective here. Go for it and make your people happy.

These are some of the apps which make life happy and get your children to the best learning possible. Are we curious, though? Have you come across any other apps which you think will make kids happy? Drop us your recommendations. However, if you are a publisher who is looking to bring out eBooks of similar awesome nature, you are in luck. We are a publishing services company which excel in bringing the best outcome of eBooks. Drop us a mail right away and let’s make adorable and magical eBooks for our coming generations.

Originally published at on March 27, 2017.