Why Self-Publishing By First Time Writers Is Not Exactly A Great Idea..!!

Kumar is a literature student who wants to bring his stories to life. Publishing a novel seems a wonderful idea to him. You see, Kumar has ideas which deal with everything from Galaxy of Stars to Idealistic movements in his area of residence. He brings himself to note down his ideas, and as years pass he writes a whole draft. Now comes the hard. He consults his friends in the publishing industry and asks them how he should go about publishing his book. Some suggest him that he should perhaps send his draft to multiple publishing houses. After all, that is how writers from ages have out their publications. However, Kumar can’t wait for long. He is eager to bring out his book. And thus, he opts for Self-Publishing.

The above scenario is something that all and any writers face. They prepare their drafts, with incredible excitement, and like Kumar, want to get it published as soon as possible. The one thing that they keep on hearing in this age of publishing is a pretty attractive offer by name Self-Publishing. What do the terms even mean? Is it really the go-to the solution of publications? Is it truly the solution that writers like Kumar are trying to find?

To answer all these questions in a simple manner, we must say that, not exactly and not entirely. Most claim that Self-Publishing offers a quicker uncomplicated way of publishing. But when we dig deeper, as we should when we are putting in a lot of effort preparing our materials, the picture is a little blotchy. Naturally, every convenience comes with a costly secret with it. And we will tell you what?

What Are The Steps You Need To Follow To Self-Publish?

  1. To continue with the story above, Kumar has practically a dozen ways in which he can get his book out. Someone suggests him that Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing would take him just a couple of hours to publish.
  2. Of course, Kumar finds all this exciting. He leaps at the opportunity and goes to KDP page, and in moments, checks out how to upload his book and cover.
  3. Yes, it all takes not more than fifteen minutes, and Amazon takes it for review. And what’s more, the book comes up within a day or two, for people to buy all around the world.
  4. Kumar again feels great about this. However, Kumar did not consider some very important factors which would do more harm than good to his book.
  5. Unlike Kumar, we know what is in store for Publishers, when they opt for self-publishing in Kindle Direct Publishing. Things that can go south are listed below.

Things You Should Know About Kindle Direct Publishing Which You Often Ignore

Pricing Transparency:

  1. The first thing you need to know as a publisher is how much do you stand to get when you go for it. The pricing is cleverly given as 30% for worldwide and 70% for specific country regions. Specific country regions include America, Australia, England, India, and many more.
  2. When you look closely at the royalty structure, a publisher stands only to get 30% of his worldwide sales. In contrast, any renowned publisher offers you around 70% of royalty you make on the sale of your eBooks or physical books.
  3. That’s only the start of multiple problems that you get on your plate when you choose for self-publishing criteria.

Self-Publish With Kindle — Can You Really Make An Impact Here?

  1. Above factors are just the start of woes. Kumar, till this point, will feel a bit muggy here and there. Perhaps, owing to his excitement to get his book, might still go with it. We get it. Royalty for starters is not a major deciding factor. Kumar is inclined to goes for direct publishing despite a lower royalty.
  2. But hey, all we ask is that you need to see what we have to say. We are going to convince you with factors such Amazon search results, Library lendings and more. Allow us to expand them more.
  3. So here goes the process. You’ve put up your eBook for sale. But you realise that your sales aren’t exactly going as per plan. You want it to become the biggest best seller. That is not practically happening. So, what went wrong?
  4. We’ll tell you what went wrong. Your book isn’t appearing on the bookstore. Yes, it is quite possible. The Amazon logistics work in an effortless way. The more the people search for a product, the more it shows up in the search results.

Other Problems Which You Get With Self Publishing

The Herd Of Sheep Syndrome

The best and worst thing about any modern technology is that it is available to everyone. In that context, Self-Publishing is a portal which brings with it herds of useless content. People, bring out their work based on no hindrance policies. No one to stop useless content from taking the form of Books.

How then do you think your book will fare, even if you have the best of content? It will still drown into the millions of books. The Even worse situation will be where these so called irrelevant books become successful, and your works find no takers.

Rules and Guidelines Within Self Publishing Portals — Live Without It?

Till here we were telling you scenarios. But what is the ground reality which restricts us within Amazon as a write? And what exactly makes Kumar sit down and think of newer alternatives. Well, not a fiction but below is the actual position by which Amazon puts a restriction on first-time writers and the category of self-publishers.

  1. Any self-publisher is going for the KDP program, is not allowed to publish their work on other eBook platforms like Scribd, Guttenberg, Barnes & Noble or for that matter anywhere else.
  2. The KDP select program within which you have the chance to increase your sales is only available for 90 days. What this means is that you cannot sell your books or delist it to host somewhere else.
  3. You are bound to sell your books only on Amazon. With this your reach is restrictive. And so are the dreams of Kumar trying to make it big, are cut short before even starting.
  4. The recommended reads need specific genre books, and there is no way you can get Amazon to pick your book unless it is the same genre. A genre like Mystical Thriller may not find takers, and you’ll end being invisible for the bigger part.

Now that we are here, and you are clueless as to how you bring out your book, we are here to help. Below are the clear points as to why you need to choose Traditional Publishers to bring out your work either Physical and Digital versions.

Get Out And Go High With Traditional Publishing

Zero Restrictions On Publishing

  1. Unlike Self-Publishing, Traditional publishing gives you the freedom to publish your book as you like. You decide how and where you should make your book.
  2. From Book Cover to Alignments, to markets, to end users, you decide everything. And if there is something that any writer really admirers, it is the freedom to bring everything in the way they like it.
  3. Perfect images to go with the publication. More often than not, most self-publishers just go with a stock image here and there.

Range Of Services Offered With Traditional Publishing

  1. Editing services is another key factor for choosing traditional means. See when you try to self-publish, you are uploading your text without any moderation.
  2. But that won’t do anything good for you. People who read the book, may Despite the material find hundreds of errors and limitations.
  3. And this is one of the prime reasons why people tend to leave poor reviews for the book. Poor reviews lead to lower ratings, and eventually, Amazon leaves it to rot.

Market and Visibility — Traditional Marketing

  1. The main concern which we have with self-publishing portals like Amazon or KDP is that you can never be sure of your Books visibility. The factors as above bring your eBook drown into millions of books coming out.
  2. Traditional publishing services company ensures that your book comes out in the best time. Also in the bookstores, publishing houses bring the best spot to display your book too. Those ways you never lose out sales.
  3. The quality of the books coming is always maintained. Publishing houses bring out works which fit into precise categories. They need to adhere to a certain quality checklist.

For more in-depth analysis of various challenges self publishing authors face while bringing their work out, do visit this wonderful article.

Hence, we have made our point. We suggest you choose the best traditional publishing services company. Visit our innovative publishing services portal to get publishing as early as tomorrow.