Open Letter To Apple
Dave Pell

This is really funny. :)
Of course, if this was a REAL request, then -as many already pointed out- there are a couple of valid comments to be made:

  • Why you want a NEW Air? From the use case you suggest you have, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the old Airs for you. You obviously don’t need faster computer, newer ports, and not even a retina screen. So keep the computer that’s obviously working well for you, Apple is still not making them obsolete (from MacOS compatibility point of view).
  • An entire Mac laptop line-up is currently catering to ex-Air users. Want an even moreportable machine? Get a MacBook. Want a slightly more powerful machine? Get a MacBook Pro — they ARE the new Airs (as it was explicitly suggested during the last October’s MBP event).

I don’t understand all the fuss about people missing new MacBook Airs, as the entire Apple catalog is explicitly aimed at them. If the complaints were about MacBook Pros — that I could understand, I used to complained too, before I realized there is much more to computers than Apple.