Who Am I? Where Am I? Where Am I Going?

Tell your story…

Well, right now, I’m not for sure what is my story; the narrative changes day-to-day. I’m overloaded. I’m trying to be too many things at once, and quite frankly, it is eating me alive.

I need to regroup. Re-prioritize. I’m drowning…

But I won’t give up.

I repeat: I won’t give up!

I’ve always given up in the past. Fortunately, I’m more tired of giving up now than I am of this weight I feel right now.

This isn’t a pity post. I don’t need pity. This is a quick vent.

If there is a goal here, it is someone who feels similarly will read this, find comfort in not being alone, and commit to not giving up either. We can do this. Our old ways do not have to perpetually define us.

With love,