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Step-by-Step Guide to Highly Profitable Sales Funnels

December 16, 2016 @ 11:02 pm

by Bradley Waldrop

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I thought I’d lay out for you the 5 wickedly simple steps to a highly profitable online sales funnels — no matter the niche — your experience level or your list size! After you complete these simple steps you’ll have a ‘business in a box’ — just add traffic and you’re off to the races!

Step 1. Creating a Squeeze Page

The most critical step in the entire sales funnel is the initial squeeze page. This page allows you to test your offer idea and collect contact information from future customers. The key to this page is to provide a clear message to your potential customer through a cleverly devised headline and subheading. Below is a simple screen shot from one of our most successful squeeze pages.

[STEP BY STEP VIDEO] Here’s a step-by-step process using a clever tool to make a PPC compliant page in less than 25 minutes.

Step 2. Redirect Subscribers

Once your potential customer has opted into your list, send them to the page that has the information or product that you promised in your optin. However, unlike most squeeze page developers, I would highly recommend that you provide a marketing message within the educational or “try before you buy” materials and give them an opportunity to buy. This process then becomes your customer captivation page (the first sale to new customers). Below is an example of the customer captivation offer we send our subscribers to.

The page above is simple — and effective. There isn’t any reason to make this page too complicated. Also, we reveal the sales offer after we get to it in the video sales letter. This gives us an opportunity to educate first and then pitch at the end. But, by the time they get to the pitch, the product sells itself.

Step 3. Send Customer to Check Out Page

When your potential customer chooses to purchase, you can send them to a highly optimized sales page. You can use any number of services to do this (PayPal, Stripe, JVZoo, WooCommerce, SamCart, ThriveCart, etc.). Check out our high-converting check out page below.

Step 4. Send Your Customers to a Thank You Page in Your Sales Funnel

After your customer purchases the initial offer, send them to a thank you page that offers a reasonably priced upsell (think… “you want fries with that?). Doing this will dramatically increase your success and boost your profits. No matter your offer, be sure to include a “no thank you” link on this page to allow your customer to redirect to the page that delivers on the first purchase or sends them to a downsell offer (test them to see what’s best).

Step 5. Rather, Rinse & Repeat for a Highly Profitable Sales Funnel

Now that you have created your simple — yet really effective funnel — send traffic — test and scale. Once you have this part of the funnel worked out, you can add more upsells for mid-priced offers and registration for webinars or in-person offers for higher ticket items. That’s it! You’ve now got a business in a box.


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