This article originally appeared in in January 2020.

By Ryan Carroll, Managing Editor @

Rise of Skywalker Diet Pepsi promo image from China featuring Rey and Kylo
Rise of Skywalker Diet Pepsi promo image from China featuring Rey and Kylo

With the opening of The Rise of Skywalker in China some have called Kathleen Kennedy the “Worst” business executive in history of any CEO, no matter which industry they belong to.

These fans pointed to the abysmal, but very much anticipated results, of The Rise of Skywalker opening weekend at the China Box-Office of $12MMUSD, and began clamoring for Kathleen Kennedy to fired for driving, not just Star Wars, but Lucasfilm into the ground.

But, this is not an article about the community effected by “Male Fanboy Syndrome,” which is the loudest by any means and most disruptive by all regards. A group that is obviously in the minority of the general audience here in…

This article originally appeared in in August 2019.

By Ryan Carroll, Editor-at-Large @

Disney+ logo (altered)

Beijing will allow foreign companies, streaming or otherwise, to invest into Chinese streaming services; video games, online publishing, and video streaming, by the end of the year.

This reporting comes from Beijing News in what the Beijing Regulators are referring to as “VPN Pilot Zones” with the program being implemented over the next three years.Foreign companies that invest into Chinese streaming services will participate in less-than 50% of the revenues in these “VPN Pilot Zones”.

This does not mean that the foreign streaming companies can launch their own streaming service, such as Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+, entering directly into the Chinese streaming market. It simply means that they can invest into an…

If Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings does not put the MCU over $4BnUSD at the China Box-Office, it’s going to get it pretty damn close!

SUB-ARGUMENT: It is a common misconception that Marvel is retconning The Mandarin from Iron Man 3 for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. As it has been confirmed by Iron Man 3 and All Hail the King Marvel One-Shot writer Drew Pearce that himself and Kevin Feige talked, during the Iron Man 3 development process, of more appropriate plans for the “Yellow Peril” villain. This hesitation on the part of Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios will aid Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings box-office grosses not just in China and in Asia, but that in North America’s as well.

This story was originally published August 6, 2019 at

By Ryan Carroll, Editor-at-Large

August, 2019.

The Mandarin (foreground) / Shang-Chi (background)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has made $2.8BnUSD to-date at the China Box-Office and with two films being released before Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, its performance could put it at $4BnUSD over the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) release date of February 12th 2021.

We should expect $115MMUSD from Black Widow which is the average for Marvel movies in China and possibly $150MMUSD to $$200MMUSD for The Eternals as it should play more along the lines of Captain Marvel.

The Eternals

In the month of July there was additional important Marvel Chinese news than just Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings announcements at San Diego Comic Con. There was the introduction of the the Marvel / NetEase Comics Chinese superheroes Sword-Master and Aero into the Marvel 616 official comic book canon.

Could this have implications for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the China Box-Office, and even Disney+?

Logo for the upcoming MCU Shang-Chi movie

This story was originally published August 6, 2019 at

In May during the War of the Realms crossover run of Marvel Comics there was a particular 4 issue run of a defunct comic line New Agents of Atlas. With a particular motive to introduce six new or new-ish Asia superheroes to the Marvel 616 Official Comic Book Canon.

  • Aero — China (from the Marvel / NetEase Comic partnership)
  • Sword-Master — China (from the Marvel / NetEase Comic partnership)
  • Luna Snow — Korea (from the game “Future Fight”)
  • Crescent & Io — Korea (from the game “Future Fight”)
  • White Fox

‘Voltron: Legendary Defenders’ & the ‘New Hope Generation’

When people refer to Millenials they are referring to two distinct groups, two age groups born in technologically different eras that they lob together as one.

The first being the “True Millenials” the one that old-folks aka Baby Boomers always complain about. The generation that is “destroying” industries across America, from napkins to Applebee’s!

Then there are the “Millenials” whom many will never recover from the 2008 Housing Collapse and Economic Recession. Whose student debt, because of the economic climate they enter the world into, along with other socio-economic reasonings, the will never be allowed to recover from.

These “Millenials”…

Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel will be the most important superhero of modern day diversity to ever hit the big screen — SORRY Wonder Woman. SORRY Black Panther. SORRY Captain Marvel, and we haven’t even seen your movie yet!

This article originally appeared in in July, 2019.

Ms. Marvel is a:

Hollywood Studios & Pundits Are Making Excuses of Why Toy Story 4 Got Crushed by a 20 Year Old Japanese 2D Animated Film & They Are All Wrong, Because None of Them Understand the Current ACG 2D Culture Market in China.

This article originally appeared in in June, 2019.

By Ryan Carroll, Editor-at-Large @

It is not a matter of saturation between 3D pre-school TV animation and the visual sophistication of Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli’s 2D animation work. It is the fact that Pixar has not resonated with Chinese movie going audiences in general at the China box-office, with the exception of Coco $190MMUSD and that was due to the story of filial honorific rather than Pixar storytelling within itself.

But, one should look at, a $14MMUSD opening box-office weekend for Toy Story 4 in the Middle Kingdom as being…

Keanu Reeve’s Mr. Knight Should Already Be Established & Previously Active Anti-Heroes in the MCU When He Appear.

This article originally appeared in in July, 2019.

By Ryan Carroll, Editor-at-Large @


It’s been quite some time since I wrote an article specifically about the MCU, over one year, and possibly the last article I actually wrote is still in my drafts in my LinkedIn Publishing. I believe it is on Ms. Marvel rumors and The Eternals upcoming movie by the Chinese born and raised, but British and American educated, Chloe Zhao. Who is one of the brightest American independent directors filming today. …

A Paradoxical Shift in Digital Distribution Allowed Girls to Let Out Their Inner Geek

By Ryan Carroll, Editor-at-Large

February, 2018.

I have addressed this issue in a previous article Cultural Diversity in Comics — Though Successful Has Not Been Organic. Marvel (Comics) is running an unsustainable business, of quantity over quality. In their attempts to keep sales figures up, in order to present “growing numbers” to their share holders.

The only way to grow new readership, is to seek new audiences, new demographics, i.e. diversify your viewer reach.

Digital and trade sales show one-thing, diversity works, female readership is now 50% of the comic industry market, but all figures point to the fact…

Nihao China Watchers, as we leave the #YearOfTheDog everyone here @ — Your Thread to the Middle Kingdom — wishes you a #prosperous #YearOfThePig

In the Year of the Pig will be looking for new contributors and guest columnist to discuss the broader China Box-Office, Chinese Entertainment-Tech, Mobile Games & Female Gamers in China, along with the ACGN Industries and Markets.

If interested, please email our Publisher with your submission ideas or previous articles that you would like republished on to reach a broader audience. is also interested in articles on outside industries and how they may intersect with the broader scope of the Chinese Culture Industries; such as e-commerce or live-streaming and how they may contribute or disrupt other Culture…

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